Brewbus NZ - New Zealand Craft Beer Tours


Brewbus NZ - New Zealand Craft Beer Tours

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Brewbus NZ - New Zealand Craft Beer Tours

At Brewbus - we're all about taking the people to the beer! Whether you're a beer novice, a crafty connoisseur, or just have a thirst for a fun day out and some brewing knowledge, Brewbus is the bus to be on!

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Brewbus will take you in comfort and style to the best breweries and brew bars in your region, where you will meet the people behind the beer, hear the amazing stories from our colourful and creative brewers and of course taste some of their finest craft!
The world is awash with high quality and exquisitely created craft beer and New Zealand is no exception! In fact its a revolution with a raft of styles and flavours to suit all tastes...even the wine drinkers amongst us!
Let Brewbus take you on a road of discovery with our own 'crafted' range of tour options into the heart and soul of this naturally growing New Zealand phenomenon.
Brewbus can create any package that involves taking you to the beer or you can choose from our regular schedule.



Brewbus NZ - New Zealand Craft Beer Tours


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