An outdoor adventurer’s paradise

When people refer to the Bay of Plenty, they think of stunning white-sandy beaches, beautiful walks, fresh produce, delicious cafés, restaurants, and quirky shops, but the Bay of Plenty is also an outdoor adventurer’s paradise!

We caught up with the one and only Miles Rushmer (quite literally, he’s the only Miles Rushmer in the world!)— a world-class, trophy brown and rainbow trout fly-fishing guide based in Mount Maunganui.

Miles Rushmer and Clarke Gayford

With over 40 years’ experience, it’s pretty clear that Miles knows a thing or two about fly-fishing. Don’t be surprised if you come across his name in some of the world’s leading sports magazines, or if you see photos of him with the likes of Billy Connelly, Sir Michael Faye, Clarke Gayford and many more well-known names.

Having retired from his photojournalism job over 20 years ago, Miles took up the opportunity to become a guide at Waiteti Lakeside Lodge in Rotorua where he fell in love with the job and the people. He hasn’t looked back since.

Miles Rushmer 5 1 v2

Miles Rushmer Guiding offers bespoke guided tours for a maximum of 2 people—a very personal, hands on, and privately hosted experience. “The art of guiding is understanding the person you’re working with, the experience that they want and having the ability to connect with people from all walks of life,” says Miles.

As well as having a true New Zealand backyard experience, you can expect to catch big fish when you’re out with Miles.

“It’s not fishing, it’s hunting, a visual adventure, or as one of my customers once said, ‘it’s a bloody wildlife encounter!’”.

Miles Rushmer and Paddy

From half-day tours to multi-day tours, from freshwater to saltwater, from remote backcountry huts to luxury accommodation, all tastes are catered for. He’s also a trained chef so you can expect restaurant quality cuisine, top-notch wine, and a true high-end experience.

Pre-Covid, it would be rare to have more than a few days off a year, nowadays he’s lucky to be heading out two days a week. With over 80% of his market gone, Miles has had to be savvy to keep his head above the water. For some extra income, he’s been writing and providing content for various global magazines. It’s also not just about the fishing rods now for Miles, he is moved into the game-bird hunting space and also young gundog training alongside his beautiful black lab, Paddy.

Billy Connelly 1

He’s dropped his prices by 40% for locals, making now a great time to explore your backyard, and of course, catch some big fish! “We have the best fly-fishing in the world, so even if you’ve never done it before, come and experience the adventure. It’s highly contagious and we’ve got the best in the world, now’s a great time to be out there when nobody’s around.” 

All within a 40-minute range of New Zealand’s number one beach resort destination, Mount Maunganui, you can go surfing, diving, golfing, and mountain biking, but there’s also epic saltwater fishing, we’re talking marlin, kingfish and snapper, there’s freshwater fishing where you can catch some of the world’s largest trout, then there’s hunting, from red stag, pheasants, peacocks, turkey, quail to ducks.

Miles Rushmer 9

One of Miles’ favourite sayings is “Red sky at night, she’ll be right. Red sky in the morning, she’ll be right. There’s always something to do no matter which way the wind blows; the Bay is plentiful.”

The Bay of Plenty, it really is an outdoor adventurer’s paradise!

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