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The Incubator

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The Incubator Creative Hub is the Mothership of accessible Arts in the Bay of Plenty and exists to promote creativity in all its forms. Through five incredible and deeply moving concepts, The Incubator seeks to bring art to the people.

We are passionate about our people and culture and know that for the arts to benefit the community we need to be responsive, supportive, edgy and most importantly, we need to be accessible.

We launched in 2013 and have since engaged with 87,000 people through exhibitions, music performances, creative education workshops and more. The five concepts we foster and promote are:

The Incubator Gallery and Artist Studios

Our vibrant and friendly co-working studios encourage opportunity and create important pathways for artists and graduates and create collaborations with established practitioners and a community audience.

The Incubator Artery

Connecting people through learning and education in a creative and social setting, fostering self-confidence and personal growth. Art is for everyone – we don’t care what shape, size or colour you are. Through our community learning centre we provide an affordable positive learning environment. You’ll make mutually supportive connections, be inspired and will have heaps of fun!

The Incubator People’s Gallery

Tauranga’s own community gallery celebrates and showcases our diverse culture and is where art tells our stories. Artists and community groups can take advantage of the expertise and mentorship programmes offered by The Incubator team to self-manage their own exhibitions and events.

The Incubator Jam Factory

Nothing brings people together like music, so we look to connect musicians of every skill level and genre. We provide infrastructure, the team and an enthusiastic audience to foster opportunities for the development of musical pathways through performance and access to our facilities.

The Incubator Artist in Residence Programme

This unique programme provides studio facilities to bring artists, writers, musicians and educators from New Zealand and the world to the Bay of Plenty. The recipient then enriches our community by hosting public workshops, demonstrations and working studio tours. Our goal is to share and celebrate cultural diversity.