Fox's Hawker House & Garden. East meets west, the modern hawker, street food dining experience.

When Ms Fox returned from her travels, her mind was full of the flavours of the west, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Japan, so many amazing street vendors mixed with vibrant personalities and all washed down with new and exciting cocktails.

Fox brings these flavours home to you at her Hawker House. Eastern concepts combined with the dishes Kiwi's love, in easy-to-eat and understand dishes!

Our quirky hangout will have you coming back time and again. A mixing pot of joyous yellows, pinks, greens - and plenty of neon lights for good measure - Fox's has oceans of personality with a bamboo jungle vibe with an amazing garden space that will make you want to return for more!

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Business Hours:
Monday 12- close
Tuesday - 12- close
Wednesday 12- close
Thursday 12- close
Friday 12 - close
Saturday 10 - close
Sunday 10 - close


Contact: Lisa
Phone: 07 575 4202
Address: 108 Maunganui Road
City: Tauranga