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We have created some of the very best escape rooms in New Zealand that are designed to be immersive and create some team bonding in a totally fun and enjoyable way!

This increasingly popular game provides an exciting experience where you use your combined brain power to solve the clues and unlock locks to ultimately achieve your goal! Prices: $25/adult and $20/child/student/gold card, regardless of number playing in the room.


The Tardis - The Doc is trapped in time and needs your help. The Tardis is the issue and he needs you to fix it. You’ll need to problem solve and think outside the box to get it re-booted within an hour or The Doc will will be trapped forever! Hurry the clock is ticking!!

Bank Robbery - You have been told by THE Crime Boss to break into the Eyres Bank and recover his mothers pearls, a priceless piece of artwork and the bullet casings that link him to a crime he committed last week. The BOSS has paid off the cops so you have an hour before you are surrounded! You need to be quick, discreet and able to problem solve under pressure - are you up for the challenge??

Prison Escape - The lax guards have made the mistake of going to lunch before their replacement has arrived. Now’s your chance to make your escape! Your sister has left you clues to help you get out undetected. You have an hour before the guards return from lunch hour so you’ll need to move fast!

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