Why not make your stay in Tauranga & Mount Maunganui memorable by learning how to play golf?

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Have you always said that you’d like to learn golf one day?

You know, at that point in the future where you have lots of time to really get into one of the greatest sports there is. You’re not alone in thinking or saying that but in this busy world we live in, it’s hard to find the time for learning a game like golf.

Having to commit to multiple weeks of learning sessions, finding time to put what’s been learnt into practice, fitting things in around work or family members needs. It can be really difficult to learn golf the way that most people do and you may have even tried to learn golf previously but failed due to some of those reasons above but that doesn’t stop the thoughts of feeling left out while your family, friends or workmates all head out to play golf – does it?

Maybe, it’s time you joined them?

Introducing the solution that can turn your thoughts of learning golf one day into reality.

Learn Golf In One Day is a small group coaching course (usually 2 – 4 people) that takes all of the problems of traditional golf instruction away, using a unique combination of online learning and support after a single day of learning the important physical skills of the game of golf in a relaxed and fun environment.

That’s right, the important physical skills of the game are able to be learnt in a single day!

To find out more click the booking link below.

Ian Hardie is an NZPGA Golf Coach based at Omanu Golf Club, with over 30 years’ experience as a golf coach, he is able to provide coaching for all levels of golfers.

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