This is an excellent walk with views overlooking Waihī Beach, up the Coromandel and along the coast eastwards. With excellent parking and a well-formed track, this is a must-do during your visit to Waihī Beach. The trail is 3-kilometres return - about a 90-minute walk, with some steps and steep bits. The majority of the walk is in the bush so this walk is suitable to do at any time of day.

At the top, you will enjoy a spectacular view of Waihī Beach, up the Coromandel coast and east across the Bay of Plenty.

To get there:

Drive up Pacific Road, go left at the top, park the car in the water reservoir car park. The Water Reservoir Loop start is on the right of the reservoir. The Trig Walk branches off the Loop track near the bridge. Dogs and bicycles can enjoy this beautiful trail too!

The Water Reservoir Loop

The Loop is an easy 20-minute walk around the old Waihī Beach reservoir. The walk is mostly flat, with a few inclines.