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There's a new event on the scene in Tauranga

Uninspiring walls and bland alleyways at Tauranga’s Historic Village will soon be transformed thanks to a brand new interactive arts event. 

Illuminarti’ will be held on Saturday November 28th where artists from around New Zealand will produce a variety of artworks in front of a crowd.

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“The name ‘Illuminarti’ sums it all up,” explains The Incubator Creative Hub Director Simone Anderson. “It’s an antithesis to the mind-numbing negative conspiracy theories, politics and mass hysteria. In these seemingly dark times, we need illumination through the arts!” 

Up to 20 artists will paint individual pieces onto different shapes that will be cut out and mounted onto walls around the village.  

“There will be interactive murals that kids can participate in on the day and there’s one big mural going on a wall where artists will get a little piece each to contribute to. The idea for the day is to give people the chance to watch talented artists at work, so it's like the ‘art of art’. We’ve also got two massive exhibitions opening that day – one is our biggest exhibition of the year – so it’s a big deal for us.”

The latter event will be held in the historic Forrester’s Lodge Hall which is now 112 years-old and known as the ‘People’s Gallery’. Each 12 x 12 inch artwork on display during the exhibition will be sold for $112 each. 

“The price goes up by $1 every year. We usually have 140 or 150 artworks for sale and it’s an absolute stampede. You’ve got artists like Nick Eggleston whose works that size would normally sell for $400 or $500 but the whole point is it’s an even playing field. Everybody's work is the same price and the queue lines up down the road.”  

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The second exhibition to premier during Illuminarti will be ‘Memoirs of a Salaryman’ by comic artist Kiramekisan. “He is a very talented emerging artist and he paints Japanese cartoon art. It’s so vibrant.” 

Street performers, cinematic screenings, comedy, poetry, music, food trucks and a garden bar will also be involved. The Incubator plans to hold Illuminarti biennially to complement the Tauranga Fringe Village festival which will run on alternate years.

Learn more about the event here.

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