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Waimana Armistice Commemoration

November 11th | Piripari Marae, Taneatua, Bay of Plenty

On behalf of our Tuhoe soldiers who fought the supreme sacrifice in an unknown country for the betterment of us yesterday and today looking onto the next 100 years, we cordially invite the many dedicated of the younger generations of Ngai Tuhoe Koro and Kuia, parents and loved ones of the Waimana Kaaku Community to gather to commemorate the 100 years of peace across the nations of the world significantly by the sounding of the bells across that celebrated peace and the silence of the guns along the Western Front of France, and Belgium.

The signing of the Armistice did not happen overnight as there was a combination of other treaties that took place between supporting countries of Germany prior to the signing between Germany and
the Allied armies that won the war in which our Māori soldiers participated in with honour and glory. they fought for their whānau, marae, hapū and iwi alongside their comrades in arms from the other
units of the NZ Expedition 1914 – 1918.

0630 – 0700: Revellie – flags raised
0730 – 0830: Breakfast
0830 – 10.00: Prepare for military commemorations
0930 – 1000: Tamariki rehearsals – Waimana and community
1035 – 1040: Tamariki and whanau walk on and stand behind crosses with poppies
1045: Colour Party march on
1059: Bell commences to ring tamariki places poppies onto crosses and move off
1100 – 1130: Karakia commences
1130 – 1200: VIP Speech TBA
1230 – 1400: Colour party march in lunch and mihi mihi
1500 – 1600: Working party pack up stores



11/11/2018 10:45am
Waimana Armistice Commemoration Piripari Marae, Taneatua, Bay of Plenty

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