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Tauranga Diwali Festival

October 25th | The Historic Village, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty
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Diwali is India’s most anticipated and celebrated jubilee. It lauds the victory of truth, light and wisdom overcoming the darkness of oppression and ill-intent. The streets of the Historic Village will be aglow with a wide variety of lights and lamps, and animated with vibrant dance and music of the Hindu culture.

People of all ages and races celebrate this festival of love and open-heartedness. It invites and embraces individuals from all cultural groups and backgrounds, and brings a sense of well-being and belonging for Bay of Plenty’s expanding Indian community.

The event aims to engage all sectors of our community, young and young-at-heart, in coming together in joy to bring forward their talents, passion and beliefs. The event is about creating inclusivity in Bay of Plenty community and beyond, by promoting harmony, togetherness and social inter-connection, transcending age, race, religion, etc.

Come one and all to Diwali, each to celebrate our unique self and sense of belonging. With song, dance, open-hearted interactions and delicious food, our vibrant communities light up in unity, in a manner that is healing, strength-giving and enlightening for both individuals and societies.

Celebrate Diwali. Celebrate humanity.



25/10/2019 4:00pm
Tauranga Diwali Festival The Historic Village, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty

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