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Business Mastermind Group (with Philippa Hales)

May 23rd | Church of St George & St John, Whakatane, Bay of Plenty
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Co-hosted by local accountant Philippa Hales (with Sally Williams).

Purpose: A friendly, informal and supportive environment for business people to meet monthly to share information, soundboard ideas and get a fresh perspective on their current concerns.

Suitable for: Business people with current businesses, new in business or about to start a business.

Cost: Gold coin donation for venue
Please contact Sally 021 245 6760 if you would like more information.

Here's our Warm-up Exercise from last month:
Exercise – Warm Up
- Describe your business (elevator speech – no more than 3 minutes)
Eg We are in (or we would like to be) in the business of…
We help (or would like to help) people who need...

The service we do best/or our most popular product is …
This is popular because…

Our strengths as an owner of this type of business (could be past experience, skills, training) mean that we most enjoy doing ________________ (type of work or function) in our business.

The area of our business that we would like to be stronger in (know more about, learn new skills, delegate to someone else) is ______________.



23/05/2019 4:00pm
Business Mastermind Group (with Philippa Hales) Church of St George & St John, Whakatane, Bay of Plenty

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