Top Team Day Tours: Whakarewarewa Living Geothermal Village W4

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Top Team Day Tours: Whakarewarewa Living Geothermal Village W4

+64 7 549 2986
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Top Team Day Tours: Whakarewarewa Living Geothermal Village W4

Authentic Māori culture during a day tour of Whakarewarewa, a living Māori village located in Rotorua’s famous geothermal valley. Our experienced driver guides you to Rotorua past the spectacular coastal scenes, kiwifruit orchards and lakes of the Bay of Plenty in the comfort of an air-conditioned van.

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The star of the tour is undoubtedly Whakarewarewa – an authentic Māori village that is still populated by the descendants of the original villagers. The local Māori have inhabited this area for centuries, devising ingenious ways to use hot springs to improve their way of life.

Whakarewarewas' friendly guides, all of whom live on-site, will lead our group through the village describing how the surrounding geothermal pools are used for bathing, weather prediction, and even cooking. Whakarewarewa is one of the few places where people can experience the traditional cooking technique of lowering food into boiling geothermal pools. Geothermal heat gives food a unique and exceptional flavour, and a special hāngi lunch is included in this tour.

A trip to Whakarewarewa Living Village features traditional cultural performances, and an introduction to traditional weaving and tattoo techniques. The village also borders on the spectacular Pohutu, Prince of Wales and Feathers geysers, which can be viewed from the geyser lookout.

Rotorua is a tourism ‘hotspot’, and this tour will bring you closer to its history. Time allowing, we will visit other Rotorua highlights such as Lake Rotorua Boardwalk, Rotorua Government Gardens, and Kuirau Park geothermal area.

Locals wanting to learn more about the history and culture of the land they live in will find this tour as rewarding as overseas visitors looking for an outstanding day trip.


+64 7 549 2986

Top Team Day Tours: Whakarewarewa Living Geothermal Village W4


This tour will depart from Salisbury Wharf Car Park, just outside the Port of Tauranga


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