Q & A from Industry

There will be a lot of businesses with the same or similar questions - we will endeavour to keep this page updated with any relevant Q&As that other industry operators have asked us. 


How to best support those here to get home (international)

The Coronavirus Tourism Advisory Group is working on this - In the interim visitors should contact their embassy in NZ.


Where do they go while they wait to get home?

If they are not symptomatic – there is a range of local options in the Bay of Plenty.   

If someone needs to self-isolate and is considering using commercial accommodation, they must advise you in advance of their need to self-isolate.

The majority of people who will need somewhere to stay will be healthy and if they are not symptomatic and staying with you then follow MOH guidelines for accommodation.

If they are symptomatic; call Healthline or the authorities – they will let you know what to do.


Can accommodation providers get access to medical supplies?

At the moment there is a lack of supply and we are advocating for getting access to these supplies.

For now the advice is to focus on following the guidelines around good cleaning, good hygiene and social distance between any arrivals within the last 14 days.

Practical steps include a line on the floor away from the reception desk (eg so people can’t touch it), wireless payments, not touching cash where possible. 


How do we isolate people in shared accommodation (e.g backpackers who have limited funds and support here)?

Choose not to accept visitors if you cannot isolate them, who arrived after the cut-off date for self isolation. Pass them on to other options.

Maintain separate areas – no communal areas should be shared. If you cannot maintain separation then it is advised those people who arrived after the cut off date to find other accommodation.


What happens to staff (accommodation business) should we have to isolate someone?

There is no one size fits all approach and every business will have their own operational decisions to make

Call Healthline for further medical advice as required 


What are the accommodation options locally if needing to self-isolate?

There are a range of options from Air BnB, commercial accommodation and backpackers – see the page on TBOP’s website or contact Brad Rowe.


021 323 937


Where do we send people for info?