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Regional story takes Bay tourism towards $1.45b goal

Regional story takes Bay tourism towards $1.45b goal

Tourism Bay of Plenty has unveiled a new logo as part of its goal of bringing $1.45 billion in tourism spending to the region each year by 2028.

The logo was developed after it was identified that the region’s brand image needed a revamp in order to continue to compete on the world stage for the coveted tourism market.

“We are in a highly competitive tourism market. We know Bay of Plenty has so much to offer and one of the key ways to communicate that is through our regional story and associated branding,” says Tourism Bay of Plenty CEO, Kristin Dunne.

The new branding is the culmination of a process of developing a regional story for the Bay, which identifies its unique attributes and personality.

“This was about getting to grips and really defining what we have to offer here as a tourism destination – really getting to the heart of the region. We wanted to find a story that was authentic and internationally competitive,” adds Ms Dunne.

The process involved extensive workshops conducted by branding-design partner Principals, where over 200 stakeholders were consulted including iwi, Tauranga City Council, Priority One, business representatives and the tourism industry.

“We needed this to happen for the entire region and all its key agencies can use this. It will help with the promotion and betterment of the region in all aspects of economic growth.”

Participants were asked what they love about living, working, playing and staying in the Bay of Plenty.

Principals has a wealth of experience in story development and was responsible for developing The New Zealand Story, as well as the Hamilton/Waikato Story.

The end result of this robust process was the regional story, an accompanying logo and slogan ‘It’s In Our Nature’.

“This is an essential step in ensuring the Bay of Plenty becomes a destination for international visitors. We understand the need to attract more visitors here and Air NZ and TNZ are confident they can work with us to ensure we do this,” says Ms Dunne.

National support for the changes was shown last month when Tourism Industry Aotearoa and Air New Zealand bosses joined the Tourism Bay of Plenty team to present its draft 10-year strategy to Tauranga City Council, part of which included the release of the regional story and branding.

Questions and Answers

How much was spent to change the logo?

We cannot isolate spending on the logo as it forms part of the broader story development as outlined below in subsequent questions.

What did the process cost and how long did it take?

The total cost of the regional brand story project was $60k. This included workshops, consultation, regional story development, branding and collateral design, and trade stand at TRENZ. We have been very mindful of cost and worked very hard to be prudent with regards to the overall spend.

Branding design agency Principals was engaged last October to develop a regional story for the coastal Bay of Plenty.

The new logo is part of the progressive development of a wider regional strategy that has been developed since then as part of the overall project.

Why change the logo?

This was a necessary step for the region and our ambitious goals to be more competitive on the world stage and achieve the goal of being a $1.45 billion industry by 2028. An authentic and internationally competitive brand and story are very cost-effective and necessary tools for connecting with target audiences.

What has been the reaction to the logo?

The reaction has been very positive; we have been congratulated by the industry and by other regions and at the recent TRENZ expo we garnered very positive feedback. This is a great endorsement.

Can you further explain the style, shape and colour of the logo?

The shape of the logo is representative of a smile and of a Bay. In the workshops one of the questions asked was ‘what is the mood of the Bay?’. The answer was ‘happy’. Another question was ‘what do you want the mood of the Bay to be?’. The answer was ‘happy’. Principals commented that this unanimous position is very unique. The orange colour is two-fold. In the workshops one of the other key attributes that was raised was the sunny weather. So orange represents sun. It’s also a strong, vibrant colour that stands out and pops compared with competing brands. The other new brand colours are very natural.

Why was the community not consulted on logo ideas?

We consulted with more than 200 people to develop the story.

These included representatives of iwi, Priority One, Tauranga City Council and our regional partners, as well as the business community and tourism industry.

In determining the final version, New Zealand Story, Tourism New Zealand, Air NZ and iwi were consulted.

Clarification printed in Bay of Plenty Times Weekend on Saturday the 10th of June 2017.

Created: 29 June 2017

Last updated: 29 June 2017