Mossop's Honey

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Mossop's Honey

+64 7 543 0971
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Mossop's Honey

Mossop's is a New Zealand family business that has been producing and packaging top quality honeys for 70 years. Buzz in and check out our fascinating LIVE BEE DISPLAY!

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Mossop's is a family business that was established 70 years ago by Ron, Neil’s father. Neil, at the tender age of 16 had several hundred beehives and became self-employed until 1975 when Ron offered him a partnership, this partnership was continued for several years until 1981, when Neil and Wendy bought Ron’s share and formed their own partnership.

Since then Neil and Wendy have improved and grown the business in all areas, increasing turnover 20-fold. Neil and Wendy’s goal is to keep Mossop's honey a family owned business, to keep traditional methods to ensure the highest standard of honey is always produced and to keep the good old fashioned personal, friendly service.

Because they are involved in all aspects of honey production, they have control over the quality and flavour of the honey ‘From the hive to the Honey Pot’. Mossop's use a unique honey processing method developed by father Ronald Mossop in the early 1950’s. As a cheese maker Ron, understood certain processes involving starters and temperatures to achieve a quality product. After some thought and trial applications, he developed a natural granulation method for processing extracted honey that maintains the natural goodness and flavours of the honey.

At Mossop's, we pride ourselves in not over-processing, over-stirring, or over-heating, our honey and have customers nationwide and world wide who love our honey because of the wonderful natural flavours maintained through our processing system.

Most honey packers process their honey by creaming the honey. This involves stirring it for 2 or 3 days. This stirring process adds air to the honey which also adds moisture, the one thing that can compromise its storing ability.

As the honey is only stirred for a few hours not a few days, and placed in a cool room to naturally granulate, the chance of added moisture during the packing process is reduced and therefore its keeping ability maintained, along with the flavours and aromas naturally occurring in the honey. As a result of this natural process, Mossop's honey tends to be harder than other honeys and of a completely different texture to creamed honeys.

Mossop's honeys are delicious liquid gold produced from the nectar of flowers within the beautiful South Pacific setting of New Zealand’s native bush and pasture lands with its crystal clear lakes, rivers and oceans, and snow capped mountains often forming a clean, green picturesque back drop for our beehives.


+64 7 543 0971

Mossop's Honey


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