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Bay of Plenty Local in Space!

Posted by Katie Cox
Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Companies like Enternet Online are perfect examples of why the Bay of Plenty is such a desireable location to visit and to live!

To have global business leaders in their field located right here in the Bay of Plenty highlights the talents and business strength that our region has and continues to grow.

EOL Online won a worldwide bid to be part of trip, in an effort to promote the Bay of Plenty to the world as part of a initiative to gather crucial scientific data and information.

“We have quite literally shone sunlight on the Bay at the very edge of space and that’s a first," said EOL Online managing director, Terry Coles.


General Manager of Tourism Bay of Plenty Rhys Arrowsmith says, “EOL has engineered an amazing opportunity to promote the Bay to a global audience. Being part of World Earth Day makes it all the more appropriate – given the Bay of Plenty is one of the most beautiful parts of one of the best countries in the world to live.”

We couldn't agree more Rhys!!!!



Check out the spectacular pictures of Eva's re-entry and have a look at our facebook page for video footage of Eva's flight into space!




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